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I hope you Einsteins don't think EVERY 5.0 player plays exactly the same.
If you do, we can eliminate you right now.
Some 5.0's are hanging in at that level by a nail, really belong in 4.5, and maybe not even there.
Some 5.0's are going to 6.0 within a few months, and only have to play the necessary tournaments to make the jump.
THERE ARE DIFFERENT levels of play in 5.0.
My best tennis bud, a No.2 for CCSF (Div111) beat me every match. He also LOST in the first round of all 12 A/Opens we played in, while I got to the third round 4 times, and only lost in the first round 3 times. He was the better player for sure! I was lefty, had a strong 2hbh, and served good enough that A/Open players would ask me to serve to them for practice, as did the top women around SanFrancisco.
There are DIFFERENT levels of 5.0, and they hit differently, and match up differently!
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