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Attn Mods. Why was my earlier post on this topic deleted?

Nothing I posted was inaccurate or substantially different to other posts above. Nor was it it information which could in any way cause embarrassment to the TW business or issues with any of their suppliers.

So, again - rephrased to carefully consider any possibility of being misconstrued as something it's not.

There seems to be an odd, seeming, error in the explanation of the class action. It says (ignoring the misnaming of the frame part) "..she bought a Wilson ... which sells for over $100, based on false advertisements .... when in truth he uses a discontinued older model that is much less expensive."

Can you really complain about the comparative price of discontinued frames which, generally - as the name clearly implies, are unavailable?

See the conundrum here? Generally you can't buy discontinued frames via normal Wilson retailers - Wilson don't market or supply discontinued models - that's sort of what being discontinued entails.

Left-over stock is almost universally (with most consumer goods) sold cheaper than the current version of something. I'm not sure that would form the basis of a systematic deception which would warrant a class action.
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