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I was always bugged by the models with the right side/left side string groove orientation a la traditional wood frames. Even two decades after having some 'either way' frames(SuperForm, all the metals, etc), Fischer returned to the 'double grooves only on one side' pattern in some models. Kinda caught you off guard when Kelly Evernden came running in with a racket he needed in 20 minutes(and you hadn't strung one of those in 6 months since the City Championships ) .'s not HARD to figure out the pattern; BUT...
I have to wonder why they would orient the stringing this way, especially since there is no "O-Port: or "Roller" 'technology' than would require such. BAH on making the stringing more complicated that it needs to be... BAH !

NEXT thing you know, Babolat will introduce rackets that have tie-offs ONLY for one-piece stringing! BAH!
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