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JRB, not at all.
A solid 5.0 is usually someone who's going to stay there for a while.
A rising 5.0 is on his way thru, past, above, whatever.....but at that moment, he's still a 5.0.
You WILL agree that there are falling 5.0's right? Guys who were once 5.0, but due to injury, age, physical ailments, whatever, are going DOWN.
If they can go DOWN, another player can be going UP, or RISING!
In my case, a solid 4.0 for about 15 years. Now going DOWN to 3.5 in singles play. While I'm decending, there is some 4.0 who is ASCENDING up to 5.0 or beyond, but RIGHT NOW, we're both 4.0's.
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