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Exclamation Sold a racquet.... and didn't get a reference...

So, on here I sold a Boris Becker V1 MidPlus and I eventually sold it to someone here on the board (I eventually will display their e-mail address and name) in time, and while I wasn't very fast in shipping due to that I messed up while printing a label and getting the money to get another one, he was very active in communication. As soon as the racquet is delievered, I received nothing else from him...

I provided alot of extra accessories with the item and he quoted that " I don't really care about those"... Show some consideration.. I could've just took them out of the package, but I didn't because I value my integrity.

Anyways, I think it's a noob on here and I don't believe that I found his e-mail on the board.. It's annoying to not get a reference from a sale on here.
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