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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Is the "doctor I went to for an evaluation" a hand specialist/surgeon?

If so, he is the one who treats most wrist problems, and is the one who ends up seeing all the wrist injuries in your area that don't get better on their own over time.

Most walk-in clinic doctors and primary care physicians have limited knowledge taking care of wrist injuries- ESPECIALLY LIMITED for tennis players (like no experience at all, unless it gets better by itself).

Where on the wrist is the pain?

Could it be a TFCC injury?

You may find it helpful to read through this page on wrist injuries from the USTA:
Wrist Injuries

C Fed,

From the graphic you posted, it looks to me like I crunched the cluster of bones just above the wrist. I have no swelling, just pain; and it seems to be subsiding. I'm going to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor tommorow. I'll also cancel the appointments I have at the hospital I usually go to.

The doctor who gave me the evaluation was on shift at the walk in clinic. It's part of general internal medecine that is open late so that those who have primary care in the hospital won't have to use the ER. Quite frankly, trusting my injuries to a hospital is scaring me. Thanks for your help.
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