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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
So, on here I sold a Boris Becker V1 MidPlus and I eventually sold it to someone here on the board (I eventually will display their e-mail address and name) in time, and while I wasn't very fast in shipping due to that I messed up while printing a label and getting the money to get another one, he was very active in communication. As soon as the racquet is delievered, I received nothing else from him...

I provided alot of extra accessories with the item and he quoted that " I don't really care about those"... Show some consideration.. I could've just took them out of the package, but I didn't because I value my integrity.

Anyways, I think it's a noob on here and I don't believe that I found his e-mail on the board.. It's annoying to not get a reference from a sale on here.
I'm guessing the "he was very active in communication" might have been several where is the racket emails?

Not everyone leaves feedback. Maybe about half the people do. It is voluntary not mandatory. And if someone doesn't leave you feedback, it may be an indication they were not thrilled with how you handled the deal or they are simply not feedback leavers. If you were slow to ship, you can't really expect a good reference.

If you complain about someone not leaving feedback, don't expect anyone to take you seriously or want to deal with you in the future.
If you post the other party's name and email over such a trivial matter, you will succeed only in making yourself look bad. Not leaving feedback does not warrant leaving a "bad" reference. Leaving a bad reference for someone not leaving feedback does, however, make the poster of such a reference look like a fool.

I'm guessing the OP is about 16? Unless this was a misguided attempt at extremely dry wit, the original post is worthy of a grade school kid.

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