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Default Nadal interview after indian wells win over fed

Excerpts from the interview

Not for the first time, Nadal called Federer the greatest player of all time when speaking to the crowd. In the news conference, he was challenged on this, because the stats say that he has now beaten the man he calls the greatest 19 times out of 29.

“That’s just a fact, a positive fact for me,” he said with smile. “But it doesn’t change that he has much more tournament victories than me. He has more Grand Slams than me. In Masters 1000 series, we are close.”
In fact, they have won the same number of Masters titles on the ATP tour.

“Same? Then more than close,” Nadal said with a laugh when he was told. “So that means his career of today is better than mine, and that’s the real thing. And if I think I am better than him because I beat him, I think, 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant. I think this is not the case.”

Do you really think nadal considers federer to be greatest ever?
he seems genuine

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