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Maneuverability around the net is a high priority for me, but I don't worry about my strings when I want to get quicker handling from my racquets. I've always been used to a heavier frame in the neighborhood of 12.3-12.8 oz., but I also need a significant amount of head-light balance in my hefty frames to get both the maneuverability and stablility I prefer.

If my racquet has 9-10 points HL balance, it moves well for me without being so overly head-light that it feels twitchy and unpredictable. My Volkl C10's have some lead on their handles to give me this balance that I prefer. Even though this tuning increases their static weight, I don't get any sense of diminished maneuverability, since the altered balance helps the hoop of the frame to be "quicker" for me.

Just offering this idea, since I'm a fan of using both 16 and 17 gauge syn. gut in my racquets. Although I'm sure that the thinner string makes for a slightly lighter head, it hasn't been an issue for me. Tuning my racquets with some lead on the handles has been my key to getting that maneuverablity that I want around the net.
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