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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
heycal, it sounds like your thoracic region might not have a very good posture, and it definitely will affect the lower back along with the leg usage and pelvis balance. As you go through the exercises and therapies it would be very useful to learn a bit about the concept of posture in general. If you are motivated try the following book. It's one of the best imo.

The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World

Well trained, strong breathing muscles are central in thoracic posture. Check out this book.

Breathe Strong, Perform Better
I can easily believe my thoracic region has horrible posture, judging by the way it looks and feels. Thanks for the links on the books.

Again, if only I had listened as a boy when adults said to stand up straight... Not so easy changing habits at fifty. But of course, when you're young you can't imagine such things being problems for you someday. I go through this with my 17 year old daughter as I beg her to wear sunscreen and offer her various reasons and horror stories. But it just doesn't really take...

Originally Posted by Posture Guy View Post
One note: some of our exercises will put the client into lumbar extension, and the casual/untrained observer will think "well, this person doesn't need lumbar extension so that exercise won't be good for them". But there's a fundamental distinction between being in lumbar extension with the lumbar paraspinal muscles engaged and working, or relaxing.

For example, I've had clients with lumbar hyper-lordosis (excessive lumbar curve) where I put them in the Static Extension Position ecise heycal references above, and one of my intentions is to use the position to get their lumbar paraspinals to release. They come out of the ecise with a less anterior pelvic tilt and a more moderated lumbar curve.

In other words, the functional purpose of an ecise is not always readily apparent.
Sounds reasonable. I actually rather like this particular exercise, so may go ahead with it.

One thing I like about the Egoscue exercises is how pleasant some of them are. Sure, the air bench ain't fun, but static back and supine groin? What's not to love about lying around relaxing like that?
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