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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Want to trade? Don't get me wrong, I love tennis, but like all sports, abilities goes down with age.

Whereas music is eternal. I would give up my athleticism for musical talents.
I think you are confusing talent with performance. Whether you actually have musical talent or not I don't know, but...

You can lose your ability to play an instrument as well if you don't practice. None of my siblings and myself have played piano in about 20+ years. None of us could sit down and play anything other than simple songs. An adult that took up piano could easily pass where I am now simply by practicing every day and having decent instruction. Yes if we were both determined to play, I would be way ahead at least in the beginning, but I am not. I enjoy listening to music. I have a better appreciation of classical music having been exposed to it, but I also realize that even at my best I was just a hack relatively speaking. I would never give any type of public performance in piano as adult. I am perfectly fine listening to professionals play while I do something that does interest me.

The reality the vast majority of people I knew who played piano and violin as kids rarely play today as adults. There are exceptions but I get the impression that you think that if you took lessons as a kid, you would be wowing friends and family with your abilities. That scenario could be true if you practiced every day and kept up with it. But I think most people (who don't have unusual musical talent) as adults have work/family and other obligations that get in the way of practicing regularly just to be a half baked piano player. Being a half baked tennis player is better to me than being a half baked piano player. In tennis you can get exercise, socialize and you can play publically at different levels. Nobody wants to hear a 3.5-4.0 level adult piano player.
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