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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Okay. Here is the place to post your peak-play GOATs list.

As the title implies, this is about the individual's level of play on their very best day at the peak of their career. To put it in modern vernacular, when this person was "in the zone" for one whole match and everything was going this person's way. Everything clicked.

Cumulative achievements do not matter; longevity does not count; years at no. 1 are not relevant.

1. Hoad
2. Gonzales
3. Laver
4. Federer
5. Vines
6. Sampras
7. Tilden
8. Borg
9. Budge
10. Kramer

(I have not thought in these terms before, but here's my "first-thoughts" list.)
I'm sorry but are you seriously going to have a discussion trying to compare the peak play of Sampras and Vines for example? How are you going to do this then?

It is difficult enough to compare say Nadal with Lendl. The game has changed so much that trying to compare players objectively going back before the Open era is just not possible in my opinion!
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