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I have the DVD. Someday i'll try to put it on Utube. It was given to me by the the producer Thomas Pura who sadly died . His son TJ Pura one of the kid's who is featured in the film just entered Duke Univ. Keep checking ESPN Classic to see if it gets replayed; The other 3 kids featured went to UCLA, Virginia, and one turned pro so at least there were no "failures" from the movie
Well to be fair- if you take the elite top ranked 12 years olds from any year, I would say it be more suprising if any of them didn't up at least getting a D1 scholarship. I am sure if they had chosen 12 year olds that were low ranked or unranked but also put in the time for 50,00 balls and followed their careers it would not be quiet the same endings.
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