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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Sorry, I cannot help you. I don't think that video had been invented then.

Some filmed excerpts do exist.
Do you know of any excerpts that demonstrate their high level of play? I saw one of Rosewall and Tony Roche in the 1970 US Open final recently. Speed wise I was quite impressed, I imagine it was much harder to time shots with those raquets and they were still hitting good shots. They were still incredible athletes back then. Obviously though when just watching highlights you don't really get the full picture.

Not sure how to rate this, are you rating their peak play compared to their contemporaries? Or do you think Hoad with his wooden raquet could beat Federer? Or are you trying to adjust for equipment changes? Etc...not criticising just curious.

I think Federer is the best of the modern era though. Hoad is generally considered the best of the pre open era on peak play alone. So I'd probably have number 1 and 2 being those guys. Federer in front because I actually have experience of watching him...
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