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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I did hear about the Esmeralda. I thought it was not really a resort when I saw it from the outside, but later someone told me it had its own golf course and several pros stay there.
Yeah, it has golf (my sister played there this week and told me it cost $195 for 18 holes plus $60 to rent clubs!). A lot of pros stay there (which is why we stay there!) and also at the Hyatt.

There is a shuttle between the hotel and the tennis garden. This year, they were very strict about making everybody show their room key to board. I saw a lot of people get turned away because they did not have a room key. I guess the bus company got wise to non-hotel guests parking on the property and taking the shuttle.

One of my friends is from Czechoslovakia and recognized Cibulkova (or was it Cirstea?) in the lounge. She went up and had a long conversation in Czech. She was very nice and seemed delighted to meet up with someone who could speak to her. One of her companions volunteered to take pics of her with my friend.
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