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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this. Anyways, I wanted to ask y'all what are the things that irritate you the most that going at a tournament?

1. Losing matches against players that I shouldn't be losing to because of not being mentally tough enough (I'm still training to get over this).
2. Cheaters and/or playes who call obviously in balls out.
3. Players with cheap Walmart/Sporting Goods racquets.
4. Players wearing anything but proper tennis shoes (I've actually seen someone wear Jordans to a tournament once).
5. Playing in slow matches.
6. Any girl's doubles matches that aren't at least '9.0'. Honestly, most of these matches are boring because most of the matches I would see at tournaments are very slow and both teams literally 'junkballing' an entire match.
7. Inconsistent grunters
8. Rallying with players who can't hit the ball but can during an actual match..
9. (This should be higher) Seeing people cheering for another player's errors. Usually, these people are youngsters or individauls who don't know much about courtesy in tennis.
10. Going to tournaments where there is no cover from the sun when it's bright (to stay cool for a match instead of staying in the heat to prevent overheating and such). I would bring a sleeping bag/cover combo to nullify this.
3. Why would you care what they play with? Do you get bothered if someone beats you with a Walmart racquet or is their gear not good enough to be on the courts ?
4. Why would care what they wear. Unless they are marking up the courts with their shoes, I hardly ever notice.
6. What are you doing watching mixed doubles matches? I never watch other matches unless I am scouting an opponent or occasionally I will watch an Open level match to see good tennis. I don't the problem with having low level matches going on around me. It is not like you are being forced to watch them.

8. lol- favorite ploy of some players. Don't give anything away in the warmup.
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