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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Interesting that no one of the Spanish teams are drawn against each other thus increasing uefas chance of a Spanish winner, seemed like the English sides were always drawing each other.

Real vs Gala, really.....what a joke. Same thing with barca and PSG. Pencil those through now
To be fair to Real, they've pretty much had the hardest possible route to get to the QFs, so in some way you can't begrudge them an easier draw. Got through a group with Dortmund, City and Ajax, and then had to play United in the R16.

Funny thing, though, is in the English media it's as if the draw for the QFs never happened. It's the showpiece tournament of the club game, yet most media groups have buried the QF ties out of sight. Why, as soon as the English clubs are knocked out, is the assumption made that the CL is not 'newsworthy' and that all domestic football fans are parochial, insular, jingoistic numbskulls?

There was the same hypocrisy on show with the legitimacy of the 'away goals' rule after the Arsenal vs Bayern game being questioned, yet nothing being said after Spurs benefited from it the following evening (in an even more skewed form, after 120 minutes).
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