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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
To be fair to Real, they've pretty much had the hardest possible route to get to the QFs, so in some way you can't begrudge them an easier draw. Got through a group with Dortmund, City and Ajax, and then had to play United in the R16.
I totally agree and Real is who I'm pulling for, I had my cynical hat on earlier, plus I'm still pi$$ed about the ridiculous Nani red card and I'm certainly not a Utd fan. I thought Alex did a great job on his tactics til the card over both legs and felt he was robbed a bit.

Still not sure where I come down on the away goals rule: I thought we did well to bring it back to 3-3 after both legs.

Not making excuses but I will say that we would have done better on a decent pitch-it looked like a skating rink out there. Not as bad as the "beach" they had on both wings at the San Siro last year though
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