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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
Let us stop pretending.

I know you know very well what would have happened if Rosewall played Nadal on clay in today's condition. But you wont admit that.

It's like this you guys give credit for Rosewall for not having won Wimbledon and say that he missed it only because of the ban. You won't accept that Roger didn't win many FO because Nadal was against.

And when someone points out your hypocrisy, you guys say that anyone who doesn't praise Federer 20 times a day is a hater
"Featherer": I think Rosewall would have good chances against Nadal on clay if both played with wood.

The Rosewall at Wimbledon vs Federer against Nadal is a clueless comparison.
Federer had his many chances against Nadal and did not realize a win while Rosewall was banned for 13 years...
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