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Originally Posted by goober View Post
3. Why would you care what they play with? Do you get bothered if someone beats you with a Walmart racquet or is their gear not good enough to be on the courts ?
4. Why would care what they wear. Unless they are marking up the courts with their shoes, I hardly ever notice.
6. What are you doing watching mixed doubles matches? I never watch other matches unless I am scouting an opponent or occasionally I will watch an Open level match to see good tennis. I don't the problem with having low level matches going on around me. It is not like you are being forced to watch them.

8. lol- favorite ploy of some players. Don't give anything away in the warmup.
4.I don't care about what they wear, it's just saying that I can't get decent attire.
6. Girls Doubles*. I know someone who plays doubles and she and her partner are always put in the draw against players who aren't very good. I know I'm not being forced to watch them, but it is pretty painful to watch. That's why I stopped watching.
8. Yes, I've played against decent players who do this and they end up losing because they were 'jamming' around...
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