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Originally Posted by SpitFire View Post
Turn this to your advantage. Threaten (and follow through) to get a line-judge on court. It puts them at a mental disadvantage. Spin it like this..."I don't feel like we're getting good calls here, if there's another call that's you or I don't feel is quite right, I'm getting a line-judge. This is for your benefit and mine, so we don't feel cheated and we know whoever wins, wins legitimately".

That's not cool yo...Come to my hood, and I'll beat ya 6-0; 6-0 with my daughter's $20 dollah Dora the Explora racquet. Seriously though...not cool.

Not everyone can afford "proper" attire. get over it. Judge a player by their play, not their gear. Actions speak louder than gear.

To some, it's a legitimate play style. Not one that I like persay, but one you need to know how to play against. The FYB site has a vid on how to play against this type of play.

Don't like it? Don't watch it.

Okay, I'll agree with you on that one.

I'm often one of these players, I don't really have an "off" button...I mean, I can't really tune it down. Instinct kicks in and I hit it away from my opponent. Sorry.

Agreed. Whole-heartedly. When spectators do this to me, it really makes my blood boil.

I have a mobile recovery chamber that I bring with me to tournaments. It's climate controlled and has a built in recliner, shade, and is very private. It's called my car.
Dissecting my statements eh? Fine, two can play that game.

1. Um.. what are you talking about? Everyone I know who once started tennis played with cheap racquets. I was one of them. When I became better, I conducted my expedition to find the racquet that best suited for me. However, seeing good players with cheap racquets is just asinine. Bottom line.
2. I'm not judging by their gear. And the people who wear these usually lose when I would watch them play due to it's incompatibility on a tennis court..
3. Yeah, I'm practicing against these types of players.
4. I stopped watching them.. except the ones by friend plays. I told her about this and she hates slow matches too.
5. It'll be humorous when you lose a match by default for not arriving to the front to begin your match while you 'relax' in the car.
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