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Originally Posted by Ico View Post
I'm reminded that the Vapor 8s were not very aesthetically appealing. I think you have my two favorite colorways of the Vapor 9 in your collection. I remember despising the original ones with unnecessary volt accents, but some of the newer ones have been quite nice.
You mean the 2012 Australian Open Clown Editions? I remember I hated all of the colors/designs of the earlier Vapor 9 up until French Open 2012 came around. While most people were going nuts about the Vapor 9 since the initial release, I was going: "Huh? What am I not seeing?"

As for the Vapor 8's, I enjoyed them thoroughly. I actually loved the low-key design scheme. That's why I had no problem using them WELL into the life of Vapor 9, when everyone else is already rocking them.

As for the colors I got, The "Purple Flame Pack" were my favorite and I got them for $75 each (please check the "Lucky me, nice find..." thread). I always buy off-season shoes, it's a lot cheaper and the hunt across the nation makes it challenging. $130 a pop is too rich for me.
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