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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
Ok. I can only talk of what I have seen that stuck in my mind as a great level of play. In the grand scheme of tennis things, what I have seen is squat, but I'll tell you anyway what impressed me the most.
In chronological order. Level refers to the winner, though in some cases the loser was not far behind. Some matches are blowouts, but the loser is not to blame.

I remember some footage of a Laver-Roche AO semifinal in 1969. Impressive play by Laver.

Borg at his first Wimbledon final against McEnroe in 1980.

Connors at Wimbledon 1982 against McEnroe.

McEnroe against Connors in 1984 at Wimbledon.

McEnroe at the USO against Connors that year.

Cash against Lendl at Wimbledon 1987.

Lendl at the Master’s final against Wilander in 1987.

Nadal against Coria in Rome 2005

Federer against Gaudio at the WTF 2005 (double bagle)

Federer against Bjorkman Wimbledon 2006

Federer against Roddick AO in 2007

Federer against Nadal Wimbledon 2007

Nadal against Djokovic at FO 2008

Nadal against Federer Wimbledon 2008

Federer against Andreev at the USO 2008

Nadal against Verdasco AO 2009

Nadal against Djokovic Madrid 2009

Nadal against Djokovic USO 2010

Djokovic against Nadal Miami 2011 (this is the best I've seen Djokovic play, and maybe Nadal as well even though he lost)
Great list

I would add

Becker vs Edberg and Wilander Davis Cup finals '89 (I think only god mode Fed/Sampras/or Mac could even compete against Becker that weekend on that fast indoor court)
Edberg vs Jim C USO final '91
Edberg vs Wilander AO semi '90
Sampras vs Becker Masters final '94 and '96
Sampras vs Becker Wimbledon final '95
Becker vs Sampras Stuttgart finals '96
Wilander vs Leconte FO final '88
Wilander vs Lendl USO final '88
Lendl vs many during his terminator/Darth Vader mode reign '85-'87
Sampras vs Agassi many times
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