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Originally Posted by vintagefan View Post
My current stick is a Puma BB Super. It has 50% Graphite / 50% Fiberglass construction and very soft to hit with. I really dig the flexing and ball feel of this racquet. However, the PCS handle is showing its age and has some free play on mine. I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced Estusa equivalent with the fixed handle. So I'm looking for a substitute. Is the 200G going to hit as sweet as the BB Super? Is the power going to be less given the 85 head size? Which 200G version would you recommend for the best hitting experience if I'm into racquet flex and ball feel like an old woodie? Thanks!
You could also check out the HEAD Club Pro.
Djokovic Racquets specs: weight-358g balance-32cm SW-370 Flex 60RA
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