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Here are some detailed video analyses of what the pros are doing. Look for the forehand comparisons.

I would describe all their forehands as having a high take back.

You should take videos, preferably high speed videos, of your strokes.

The book Technique Development for Stroke Production, Elliott, is an excellent reference on the modern strokes. Available from the ITF for $20.

I'll offer a personal opinion/speculation as to why a high take back might be important. The largest muscle attached to the arm is the lat (the muscle that works for a pull up). If the upper arm is out from the body then the lat can play more of a part in moving the arm. Does it go rapidly down a little to start the forward swing?

Three players to look at regarding an unusually high upper arm take back are Del Porto, Florian Mayer, and, recently, Gulbis.

Del Porto forehand-

Florian Mayer forehand-

Glubis 2013 forehand-

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