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Originally Posted by MonkeyBoy View Post
The accomplishment is diluted due to the homogenized surfaces. Laver won the GS pre-homogenization, and while he didn't win one on hard, he did on clay and grass which have the largest margin of difference.

As far as achievements in tennis go, Borg's three consecutive pre-homogenized channel slams is pretty much the bossest imo.
Even though the surfaces are played at a similar speed, people sometimes fail to acknowledge the difference in movement required to be successful on all 3 surfaces.
Why do you think Djokovic sucks on grass as opposed to hard - too slippery to slide.
Why do you think Sampras sucks on clay as opposed to grass - can't slide
Speed of court will only influence your style of play, but mastery of movement will dictate your success on a particular surface.
Laver never won slam on Hard, nor did Borg. This is their biggest blemish.
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