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I totally agree and Real is who I'm pulling for, I had my cynical hat on earlier, plus I'm still pi$$ed about the ridiculous Nani red card and I'm certainly not a Utd fan. I thought Alex did a great job on his tactics til the card over both legs and felt he was robbed a bit.
+ 2 on that.

Really? It looks like the shirt for the womens team! With some kind of golden unicorn on the chest. Or maybe they're sponsored by My Little Pony? Who knows
Haha, "My Little Pony!"

Chelsea got outplayed in every match in the Champions League last year. The gods smiled down on them, that's for sure, I think Barca completely outplayed Chelsea, but Munich was even a bigger joke. How on earth they won that tournament I do not know.
I agree, but that added element (call it 'luck' or whatever) can't be legislated for; especially when it's allied to great tactics, superb defensive resilience and organisation, marvellous finishing, and unbreakable spirit.
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