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Most of those racquets have 85 square inch heads which make hitting the sweetspot difficult. It also makes the POG 110 a stranger on the list.

Do you want a smaller racquet?

I agree w/ VSBabolat but might consider the POG 90 aka midplus (which is really a 93) if you wanted smaller racquets. If you wanted larger racquets like the POG 110 (which is really 107), I'd go with the POG or look into buying used from the auction site or even this site the Wilson Sting Largehead which is in the 110 or 107 range.

All of these racquets have relative heft and are low powered compared to today's frames. You should also keep in mind the Head Radical line as they are low powered and play like older racquets and can be purchased new/used at good prices too.
Back to using POGs. Why did I ever leave you dear friend?
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