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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
It's nice that we have video and the internet available in the way we do to see examples of peak play for Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic for example, but we can't use it in the same way to see and assess peak play for players like Gonzalez, Rosewall, Laver, Borg, McEnroe, and even Sampras to a large extent. Even with Sampras, YouTube, video, and the internet was not used in the way it is these days. Well, at least we can see today's tennis in High Def, with great audio and video quality. Therefore, we have to greatly rely upon what each of us has been able to observe and also read about from the accounts of others as to players from past eras.
There are still lots of video highlights and even full matches for Sampras, even for players such as Borg there are quite a few clips and even some full matches on the internet.

Relying on memory is pretty tricky, you're more likely to remember the winners than the unforced errors. It is a shame HD wasn't around from the 60's though.

Quite a few big matches there. Any of those good showcases to Borg's peak level?

Turns out the 1969 US Open final with Laver and Roche is online. Would that match give an idea of the ability of Laver?

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