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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
When I am in pain I actually do not find it very hard to change habits. When the pain goes away however, it can be harder to keep it up. But that sort of regulates itself.
I know what you mean. If something really hurts a lot, you quickly learn not to do it. However, I find it trickier when the pain is the kind of lower level, insidious sort that creeps up on you when sitting or lying in what you initially perceive to be a comfortable or natural position. Much harder to shake those habits.

Speaking of habits, what do you back pain folks do for abs, since many of these back programs warn of doing crunches and similar traditional ab exercises, and thus we need to break those old habits? I know one doesn't need to go crazy doing ab work, but I still like the idea of a doing just little something for the abs, even if only 5 minutes every couple of days, if only pyschologically.

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