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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
But apparently one can be too tall, also, and thus not a great mover.

For instance, Rosewall and Laver were both much quicker, faster, and better movers than Isner or Karlovic. Maybe they have longer strides, but these latter two are rather lumbering and slow by comparison.
yeah being too tall is a disadvantage. I think Del Potro at 6'6" is the tallest slam winner so far. Even he has numerous times problems with movements...

Speaking of which, I think of God mode peak, Del Potro's last two matches in 2009 US Open tournament versus Nadal (whom he absolutely destroyed in straights) and versus Federer where we saw probably the most powerful forehands ever hit can be a strong contender for God mode peak. Them forehands were just too much, you can't return something like this. Then his wrist got injured and we haven't seen him unleash power like that since. I really hope he can reach that threshold again, still an incredibly young player.
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