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Hey Cheetah, no recent vids but a question or two.

I just posted a thread about the two most common ways to hold the racquet - "pistol" and "hammer" - and in it I say that I've been trying out the hammer a little bit recently and thought I felt my wrist being more loose. What do you think about this?

Also, I've been trying to make the PTD position a habit and think I am making progress. After trying the hammer grip, I felt the racquet just DROP at the end of my back swing right before any forward swing. I mean, it was the equivalent of falling through a trap door, but for my wrist. I thought it was weird at first, and then realized it's probably what a completely loose wrist feels like. Without the support given by the extended index finger of the pistol grip, is the SSC more easily achieved?

If I can prevent any arm/wrist interference from just letting the racquet drop down (like described above), the arm naturally supinates big time. This opens up the racquet when the PTD position should be happening such that the racquet face is no longer near parallel with the ground. Is that too much supination, should there still be some control over how the arm moves down so gravity doesn't take all the way over? Would a video help show what I mean?
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