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Originally Posted by rickz View Post
very nice, dino. if you have any hitting experience with a pro tour, please share.
I fear I haven't.

Originally Posted by lgbalfa View Post
what is the history of the vacuum pro 90 (aqua)? stich used that right?
I used to remember things like that, and scores etc. Not so much anymore, I'm afraid...

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Very nice indeed. Which is your fav of the lot?
Thanks, Ross. The Vacuum Elliptic Pro is the one I like the most of the bunch. Very nice racquet.

Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
Dino, you need to add some VT PRO 98 and Pro Classic 98 racquets to your collection!
Yeah, Mike, I really do... I've focused more on Heads, Donnays and Dunlops lately, but I feel I really need to add to my Fischer-collection eventually.
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