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Originally Posted by chapmag View Post
Some background - for a long time I played full Zyex beds with my Pro Kennex Ki s. I played Dynamite WB (loved it) then the newer Dynamites (eh) then tried the Klipper Zyex (eh).

I loved the way that I could feel the ball sink into the strings with the Dynamite WB with high racquet head speed. And the same string let me play touch volleys and drop shots. But like most I hated the movement of the strings.

I'm experimenting with the Monogut ZX to see if I can get some of the poly sliding advantages without giving up all of the Zyex feel.

I've got about 7 hours in a set of Klipper Zyex mains (50#) and the brown Monogut ZX 16 (50#). I'm just starting to notice a bit of string movement. This hybrid is lower powered than a full bed of Kipper Zyex and I don't see a lot of additional spin. My touch shots seems fine.

I've also got about 4 hours in a full bed of the red Monogut ZX Pro (50#). This is more powerful than the Zyex/Zyex hybrid and also has noticeably more spin (maybe 20%?). No string movement so far. I'm not getting the sinking-in feeling I had with the multifilament Zyex. My groundstrokes have more depth, perhaps because of the mono launch angle effect? I'm hitting more balls long with this string than with the hybrid set.
Thanks Chapmag! Noticeably more spin and no string movement with ZX full bed. Sounds good. I think you're probably right that the increased depth you're getting is a result of the sliding mains launch angle effect. I've found that pretty easy to adjust to in most cases, but when going back and forth to other sticks it can be unnerving. I'd be interested to hear how the string plays for you as it gets a little older.
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