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Thanks Toly. I have seen those posts and what I was referring to above were your figures with Roddick (I believe) serving and using a pistol grip. Do you have any different information when it comes to that grip and forehands, or are the physics, characteristics, and outcomes the same? I am mainly trying to find out how the extended index figure changes the stroke.
There is big difference between Taylor hammer grip and your grip because he keeps his finger knuckles parallel to handle’s axis. That’s why a wrist ulnar deviation cannot reduce pronation beta angle (β) less than 30.

Let’s talk about hard topspin FH with semiwestern/western grip. Pros apply actively pronation and wrist ulnar deviation. If ulnar deviation reaches the minimum of β and this angle is zero, due to pronation they could have very high probability to frame the ball. Thus, they should keep this angle away from zero. Taylor hammer grip can provide that. It seems that Nadal uses this kind of grip and his hard TS FH is very reliable.
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