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There is big difference between Taylor hummer grip and your grip because he keeps his finger knuckles parallel to handleís axis. Thatís why a wrist ulnar deviation cannot reduce pronation beta angle (β) less than 30į.

Letís talk about hard topspin FH with semiwestern/western grip. Pros apply actively pronation and wrist ulnar deviation. If ulnar deviation reaches the minimum of β and this angle is zero, due to pronation they could have very high probability to frame the ball. Thus, they should keep this angle away from zero. Taylor hummer grip can provide that. It seems that Nadal uses this kind of grip and his hard TS FH is very reliable.
I see what you're saying with Taylor Dent's serve and the angle at contact that his grip forces him to have (btw, do you mean hummer or hammer?). But does he use the same grip positioning for his forehand (referring to his knuckles being all on the same bevel, not the conti grip)? And you are implying that Nadal DOES do this for his forehand, interesting. When I hold the grip with all my knuckles on the 4th bevel (SW fh), I find my thumb is in an awkward position resting between/on top of my index finger and middle finger. Also, the racquet handle does not fit as comfortably and/or as snug between my thumb and index finger. I am trying to find large size images of Nadal's forehand to see for myself, if you come across any that show it please let me know. You said that a beta angle of 0 degree should be avoided, and you are referring specifically to a forehand at contact? In your statement, is 0 degrees when the long axis of the racquet and player's arm are parallel to the ground? What other pros do you see using this grip positioning?
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