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Originally Posted by DragonBlaze View Post
Wow, Rafa actually has a great shot at coming back on HC after a year and winning the title! That is half parts awesome and half parts hilarious .

Imagine if he wins, the confidence he gains, I'm thinking another clay sweep yet again. Interesting times.....Is Rafa playing Miami?

Poor Delpo though, I want him to get his first masters but with all that time spent on court, I wonder if he'll be up to it.
Good post. A win tomorrow takes him back to no.4 in the world which is obviously key to get easier draws ahead on the clay. If he wins tomorrow, he may opt not to play Miami and could in theory still stay ahead of Ferrer, unless Ferrer goes quite far in Miami (Ferrer is defending QF points from last year). Miami doesn't suit his game as well. Slow court but lower bouncing and doesn't take the topspin as well as Indian Wells.
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