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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Just can't get the consistency from this 2nd Red ZX 1.27 stringjob at the moment. It was playing really well on Thurs and felt controlled. Yesterday and today it feels overpowered, and lacking forgiveness and control from the stringbed. Not really hitting a heavy ball and some of the mains are 'clicking' (like a nylon) and not sliding cleanly when I move them with my fingers. I just don't get it.
I noticed that Julian did not answer your question about whether this string has a coating. Based on your experiences - spin drop off, clicking, not sliding cleanly - past the 10-hour mark, I'm inclined to think this string does have a slippery coating and that that coating is worn off by this point in the string's life.

If this were so, the string would still be better as a cross than any nylon string on the market, because it doesn't dent or notch and its doesn't fray. So it still might excel as a cross with gut or shaped copoly mains.

On the other hand, 10 hours of maximum playability is pretty good compared to many polys.
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