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Default ZX Pro USRSA Playtest Report

RSI's playtest report for the 17g "Pro" version of this string is now online. The comments section is expanded over the print version of the playtest report.

Note that, unlike the 1st playtest RSI did on the 16g version of ZX, blind playtesters were advised to drop tension by 10-15%.

As usual with these blind playtests, comments run from very favorable to insightful to just plain ridiculous. Interesting that some playtesters praise the string for not moving while others say it moves to much. Go figure. Here is my favorite:
ďWith a 5-10% tension reduction this string performs as well or better than my current natural gut hybrid. It seems to have the control and spin of a co-poly, but with more power. I donít usually hit with a lot of spin, but the ball rotation I get with this is awesome. This string is also very accurate. I am surprised at the comfort as I expected it to be too stiff. Itís very friendly on the tendons. It also maintains tension remarkably well. I am not a string breaker but I suspect that this string would hold up very well against the competition. I would definitely consider buying it.Ē 4.0 male baseliner with moderate spin using Boris Becker Delta Core Sportster strung at 62 pounds LO (Volkl V Blast 17)
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