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Originally Posted by Tiebreak100 View Post
You do not seriously want the grass from the past to return? Whilst the purist may enjoy 3 shot tennis, the floating fans will switch off in huge numbers. Why should the court speed be faster to suit the big hitters? The majority of the big hitters are usually of considerable height, which is already a distinct advantage.

Players like Isner and Raonic should be intelligent enough to do better than they currently do, but they are clearly weak in certain key aspects of the game. By increasing the prominence of the serve by speeding up the court, you will see guys with gaping flaws in their game being unduly rewarded. That is not a positive step forward.

From a British perspective, I do not want my Slam tournament to be the one predominantly about serve. We have been there before, and it is dull as dishwater. Sampras won 7 Wimbledon titles, yet he was never that popular with the UK public; simply because people did not like watching his brand of tennis.
No, that's not what I was implying. (the reference to Wimbeldon grass was purely to illustrate how court-surfaces have changed over the years).

The fact that guys like Del Potro, Gulbis, Berdych, Raonic, Jancowicz, etc, all around 6'4", have big, big serves and even bigger groundstrokes...playing on court-surfaces from say, the mid-90s, would mean the pendulum would have swung back to far the other way.

However, having said that, it's much more effective and a lower% shot to end a point with a big-serve + volley than it is with a big-serve + huge-forehand.
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