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interesting. I learned to play in the early 80s from a former lower level touring pro. She was fantastic with all kinds of gadgets and chalk and stuff. I never knew what she was bringing to the next lesson.

My follow through on serve was all over the place and also was generally sucky. She shows up for a lesson on serve and hauls out an actual wooden baseball bat. gives it to me. says, Here, you can hit serves with nothign else for the next month.

in 30 days, my serve went from absolutely nothing to the single best weapon in my admittedly small arsenal. I did hit my shin with the end of my followthough once .... once (with apolopgies to Johnny Dangerously). never did that again!!!!!

She also had me practice and even warmup before tourny matches with a woodie. It worked amazingly well. (of course, this was the 80s and the superllight super thick sticks had not come out yet)

So yeah, I think these ideas have a LOT of validity...
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