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Originally Posted by DropShotArtist View Post
Sorry man, but Sampras was a loser both on and off the court.
14 Grand Slams, 7 of them Wimbledon and you claim he's a loser?
First off, I never even brought any other pro's name (Sampras, Borg or any others) into the discussion. I said that the intent of this thread's phone premise was not a GOAT discussion per se but instead a poorly disguised fanboy circle jerk. The OP's later posts proved that and your impossibly stupid post above (even dumb by your standards) proves my points:
1. The OP is a fanboy staging a fanboy circle jerk, and
2. You are a fanboy (fangirl? I'm not sure which) who hasn't a clue about tennis.

Fed is the GOAT. Who argued that? I simply suckered you into exposing yourself as the fanboy/fangirl that you are and goaded you into making a hopelessly stupid statement (even stupid by your standards). For you to call Sampras a loser on the court proves that you're a know-nothing. To call Sampras a loser off the court? Well, consider this: I just saw that on a Saturday (yesterday) you posted THIRTY ONE posts from your mom's basement. Imagine, 31 posts on a weekend--hahaha! Nice life. Now who's the loser dropdeadartist?

I rename thee: Lew Zhur

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