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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
I know. That tennis channel ranking got right up my nose, because they clearly didn't understand tennis history, and the tennis criteria of that era. I'm sure that Jack Kramer would have laughed out loud had somebody seriously suggested to him around 1968 that Roy Emerson was a greater all-time player than Pancho Gonzales, and he would have called for the men in white coats. Yet to those guys on the tennis channel, they just see 12 majors for Emerson and 2 majors for Gonzales, using modern criteria to an old era. And as you say, Gonzales' 2 mainstream majors, won when he was an amateur player in the late 1940s, were way before Gonzales' dominant years as a tennis player.
All very true.
In the end, the aggressive all-court player always has the advantage against a power-bashing baseliner.

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