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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
You guys act like you know everything and the rest of the world know nothing just because you disagree. Steve Flink doesn't even include Pancho on his list:

1. Federer
2. Sampras
3. Laver
4. Kramer
5. Tilden

I'm sure you all will say he doesn't know anything about tennis history while Bobby say Rosewall, Dan say Hoad, Borg Number say Borg, hoodlum say Laver...are all experts in here and no one knows better. Too funny.
Mary Carillo once said on air that Sampras had never even heard of Gonzales, because Gonzales had not won Wimbledon, nor been in a Wimbledon final. When this was put to Gonzales' one-time brother-in-law, Agassi, Agassi said that he wasn't surprised, because tennis history is extremely complicated, and if you don't look closely enough, a lot of its history will be missed.
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