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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Is Steve Flink the noted sports psychologist? I wonder where he places Gonzales? IMO, his is a strange list. I would not say that he knows nothing about tennis; I would say that his placement of Sampras and Kramer is too high, IMO.
Is there a link to his entire list?

Sorry, just because I agree with Mustard and disagree with Flink means that I disagree with Flink--not that I believe he knows nothing. Your statement quoted here says more about the way you perceive disagreement than it says anything else.
Yeah, not directly, but you act like Flink and the others are a bunch of ignorance but you know better.

Flink top list are coming from his latest book. I don't have his book, but would like someone to post his complete list. As far as I can remember from last year, this is his list:

1. Federer
2. Graf
3. Sampras
4. Laver
5. Martina
6. Evert
7. Kramer ?
8. Moody ?
9. Tilden
10. Court

I'm not sure if Kramer and Moody is rank correctly. I'll post the link if i can find it.
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