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Originally Posted by morandi View Post
What has been the general consensus for stringing tension on the 99S? Do you want to go a bit higher, like mid to high 50's? I am a convert after demoing. I have been stringing my APDs between 48-52 with 17g RPM.
The demo with 16g 4G feels pretty good to me. I'm not sure of the tension.
Other than the 4G any other poly work well in the 99s?
I've settled on 56lbs as my tension and focus hex is my string.
Lots of polys work well but for me:
RPM Blast
ALU rough
Have been the stand out ones that I've tried. The Wilson Enduro Pro that it came with wasn't terrible either. The tension maintenance was horrendous on it though.
Lots of others have used or tried hybrids but for me its a no go as they would break too quickly for me.
I'm sure others will chime in with their experiences.

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