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Originally Posted by fibonacci888 View Post
I played with the 4G 1.25. Horrible string! No feel, stiff, underpowered.
I just put the 1.30 in one frame and liked it very much, better than any poly set up so far. I strung it at 49/46. As a test, i put Beast 15 in the other frame at 51/49 and didn't care for it.

Originally Posted by morandi View Post
What has been the general consensus for stringing tension on the 99S? Do you want to go a bit higher, like mid to high 50's? I am a convert after demoing. I have been stringing my APDs between 48-52 with 17g RPM.
The demo with 16g 4G feels pretty good to me. I'm not sure of the tension.
Other than the 4G any other poly work well in the 99s?
See above, I strung mine on a CP electronic machine at 49/46. I may go down a couple of pounds as well.
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