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I'm demoing a 99S at the moment. The first one I tried had a multi/poly set up and was obviously well used with the strings not snapping back. It was a bit of a rocket launcher and difficult to control shots as the strings were so loose. I asked for a new one with full poly setup - Wilson Spin Cycle at about 50lbs (I had bad TE and daren't go too high tension-wise). The racquet plays much softer than it's stiffness rating and has a large sweetspot. Some slight elbow twinges after a few sets but nothing too drastic that's putting me off at the moment. Spin is definitely more pronounced and you do need to take a good cut at the ball to get it deep otherwise it can sit up a bit mid court. The swingweight is bearable and it feels quite good and not too sluggish. I quite enjoy doubles with this stick and can whip through the ball quickly and get good angles and topspin. Less so singles as it's just lacking that extra bit of mass for those long heavy penetrating shots that my current Volkl PB10 Mid gives me. It's actually quite stable for volleys which is also good for dubs. I'm considering buying this as I get tired with the PB10 Mid, but will play a few more times before I make up my mind.
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