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I recently bought this shoe and have previously been using the Propulse 3 on hard courts and SFX on Clay. I just found the 3 was a great shoe for hard courts but no so great on clay. I think the biggest improvement with the 4 is that it is great on both surfaces. It seems to grip better on clay than the 3s while still maintaining great traction on hard courts. Like some others did say I did find it was snug at first but after about an hour of playing, the shoe felt great. I wore a 9 in the 3 and SFX and find the 4 to fit the same after it breaks in. I have a wide foot and previously used the Nike 2K series. I tried other shoes in the past like the Vapor line but they were just too narrow and ended up hurting my feet. I think Babolat has really improved a great shoe with the new Propulse 4. If you have a fairly wide foot and looking for a great support shoe for multiple playing surfaces, the 4 is a great alternative.
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