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You guys act like you know everything and the rest of the world know nothing just because you disagree. Steve Flink doesn't even include Pancho on his list:

1. Federer
2. Sampras
3. Laver
4. Kramer
5. Tilden
I try not to respond to posts like this, but I really don't like how you misrespresent Flink's views around here. Yes, he works for Tennis Channel, but after their list came out he wrote a column where he said the worst thing about it was the low placements of Kramer & Gonzales.

I'm sure he has seen Gonzales play more than anyone here(in addition to actually interviewing him)

the rest of his list(from his book, it wasn't mentioned in the TC shows)

6. Borg
7. Nadal
8. Budge
9. Gonzales
10. Connors & Agassi

if any of you want to know more, buy his book(and some other books. too many rely on the internet for all their tennis history imo)
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